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} }; jQuery(document).ready(function() { Follow by Email. The 'Fixing the Fence' mission is accepted through the mail and it seems to be at a random date during the first year of spring. $(ob).unbind("mousemove",track); return menu; Mission completed! } return this.each(function(){ Main Missions Corporate Shill If you wish to farm, do it before commencing this mission if you want to level up a bit and for more skill points. el.find('a').each(function(){ dropShadows: false, optText = dash + optText; // Works with either jQuery or Zepto var blloc = window.location.href; Sunday, 15 November 2015. var o = sf.op; }; }); } else { Family Barn - Family Farm - Family Farm Seaside - Information and help on the game. animation : {opacity:'show'}, $(ob).bind("mousemove",track); This will open a menu that lists all the missions available to you at your current level. Available for a limited time- The prize is a Snow Leopard Habitat! The Best Farm Game is Here! Ce jeu social ravira les amateurs du genre. // override configuration options with user supplied object Available for a limited time- The prize is a Snow Leopard Habitat! var img = div.getElementsByTagName("img"); :^|\s)hover(\.\S+|)\b/,A=function(t){return"string"!=typeof t||e.event.special.hover?t:(H.test(t)&&r("'hover' pseudo-event is deprecated, use 'mouseenter mouseleave'"),t&&t.replace(H,"mouseenter$1 mouseleave$1"))};e.event.props&&"attrChange"!==e.event.props[0]&&e.event.props.unshift("attrChange","attrName","relatedNode","srcElement"),e.event.dispatch&&a(e.event,"handle",e.event.dispatch,"jQuery.event.handle is undocumented and deprecated"),e.event.add=function(e,t,n,a,i){e!==document&&C.test(t)&&r("AJAX events should be attached to document: "+t),Q.call(this,e,A(t||""),n,a,i)},e.event.remove=function(e,t,n,r,a){x.call(this,e,A(t)||"",n,r,a)},e.fn.error=function(){var e=Array.prototype.slice.call(arguments,0);return r("jQuery.fn.error() is deprecated"),e.splice(0,0,"error"),arguments.length?this.bind.apply(this,e):(this.triggerHandler.apply(this,e),this)},e.fn.toggle=function(t,n){if(!e.isFunction(t)||!e.isFunction(n))return N.apply(this,arguments);r("jQuery.fn.toggle(handler, handler...) is deprecated");var a=arguments,i=t.guid||e.guid++,o=0,s=function(n){var r=(e._data(this,"lastToggle"+t.guid)||0)%o;return e._data(this,"lastToggle"+t.guid,r+1),n.preventDefault(),a[r].apply(this,arguments)||!1};for(s.guid=i;a.length>o;)a[o++].guid=i;return this.click(s)},e.fn.live=function(t,n,a){return r("jQuery.fn.live() is deprecated"),T?T.apply(this,arguments):(e(this.context).on(t,this.selector,n,a),this)},e.fn.die=function(t,n){return r("jQuery.fn.die() is deprecated"),M?M.apply(this,arguments):(e(this.context).off(t,this.selector||"**",n),this)},e.event.trigger=function(e,t,n,a){return n||C.test(e)||r("Global events are undocumented and deprecated"),k.call(this,e,t,n||document,a)},e.each(S.split("|"),function(t,n){e.event.special[n]={setup:function(){var t=this;return t!==document&&(e.event.add(document,n+". var $li = $a.eq(i).parents('li'); containerClass: 'select-menu-container', jQuery.noConflict(); defaultText: 'Navigation', }); + settings.subMenuClass ), June 6, 2014 iamtida.com Leave a comment. ;(function($){ Sunday, 15 November 2015. So much… Read more “A Very Merry Christmas Mission”, Duck I  – Plant 50 wheat Duck II – Daryl, “It’s amazing what you can do with Duck Eggs. (function($){ We’ve been so busy helping the Mammoths in Hope Land that we haven’t had time to get ready for Christmas. The game has a massive 1.5 million reviews and even more downloads. It’s up to you to make your dream farm by the seaside. fx: 'scrollHorz', }; // It’s up to you to make your dream farm by the seaside. 3.1M likes. //",{size:1}).attr("size")&&e.attrFn,s=e.attr,u=e.attrHooks.value&&e.attrHooks.value.get||function(){return null},c=e.attrHooks.value&&e.attrHooks.value.set||function(){return n},l=/^(?:input|button)$/i,d=/^[238]$/,p=/^(?:autofocus|autoplay|async|checked|controls|defer|disabled|hidden|loop|multiple|open|readonly|required|scoped|selected)$/i,f=/^(? [CDATA[ + settings.containerClass ); Find all our Family Farm Questions and Answers for PC, FaceBook. 0. sf.op = {}; 11:39 PM No comments: Level Needed to Unlock: 21 Days to Finish: 15 Total Ranch Cash Needed: Black Rose Packet (2RC) Machines Needed: Hawaiian Lei Machine, Juice Machine Animals Needed: Chicken Coop, Holstein Cow, Buffalo, White … A Wild New Year’s Animal Habitat Quest. }; And don’t worry about not having the place to store all of your products. /* Follow the ramming part here. }, ob.hoverIntent_t = setTimeout( function(){compare(ev, ob);} , cfg.interval ); Feed the snow leopards beef and they will produce snow leopard fur. Family Barn Missions. subMenuClass: 'sub-menu', var ignoreList = '.fitvidsignore'; // pX, pY = previous X and Y position of mouse, set by mouseover and polling interval }); if (o.autoArrows) addArrow( $('>a:first-child',this) ); not = (o.retainPath===true) ? Family Farm Seaside is a beautiful and fun farming simulation game. 'class' : settings.containerClass }, Recently Updated Pages. dash; [CDATA[ }; $(this).addClass(menuClasses.join(' ')); Farm House . This information may help you decide what tactics you want to follow in the game. Showing posts with label Botanic Garden. }); summary_noimg = 350; "use strict"; I have created a separate site for the Island: Island Guide Tu as toujours rêvé d'avoir ta Ferme? delay: 800 timeout: 4000, */ speed: 200, if ((!$this.css('height') && !$this.css('width')) && (isNaN($this.attr('height')) || isNaN($this.attr('width')))) var cX, cY, pX, pY; s[i] = s[i].substring(s[i].indexOf(">")+1,s[i].length); Super Ferme - Super Ferme Mini - Information et aide sur le jeu Due to high order volume, deliveries may be delayed. Family Farm . The counter of my mission don't count the items I collect. Super Ferme est fait pour toi! Subscribe & Save. Family Farm Facebook App Mission Guide. Family Farm Seaside Island Guide This Page is a Quick Reference Guide to all the Island Quests/Missions as well as the original Puzzle Mission that unlocks the Island. "iframe[src*='youtube.com']", el.find('ul').addClass(settings.subMenuClass); Oh My Garlic  Ol’Macdonald says Garlic is… Read more “Oh My Garlic, Banana Request, Sundial”, “It’s Christmas Eve, Farmer! This page contains the walkthrough index for our Far Cry 4 guide. ]+)/.exec(e)||/(webkit)[ \/]([\w.]+)/.exec(e)||/(opera)(?:. Farm Missions To be brilliant at the basics. autoArrows : true, // Now build menu and append it The 'Panbat Infestation' Mission can't be started until you've finished at least one of the 'Let there be Light' commissions which unlocks after finishing the 'The Dee-Dee Stops Here' Mission. }).each(function() { // cX, cY = current X and Y position of mouse, updated by mousemove event Follow by Email. … About; Timed Missions; Animal Habitat Missions; Stand Alone Missions; Classic Missions; More. Welcome to the ONLY official fanpage for Family Farm! Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas The Sims 2 Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Roblox The Sims 3 Championship Manager 01/02 Project IGI: I'm Going In Virtual Villagers: A New Home Power & Revolution Zoo Tycoon: … Toutes plateformes. *version|)[ \/]([\w. next: '.fp-next', It is on their farms that the Easter Bunny hid 12 Golden Easter Eggs. $a.each(function(i){ Family Farm Love. About; Timed Missions; Animal Habitat Missions; Stand Alone Missions; Classic Missions; More. prev: '.fp-prev', var cfg = { strx = strx.substring(0,chop-1); anchorClass : 'sf-with-ul', /*! family farm seaside mission. speed : 'normal', if (settings.customSelector) { .hideSuperfishUl(); sf.o = []; Family Farm Seaside Island Guide, Island Missions, Island Items ... A General Guide for the new Island in Family Farm Seaside, including all Item Values, Missions, Expansions and other useful information. OR Contact Us ... Support / Beginners Guide / Question; To-do List. $allVideos = $allVideos.not(ignoreList); // Disable FitVids on this video. var ob = this; var div = document.getElementById(pID); // unbind expensive mousemove event There is a new update for Family Farm Seaside that introduces an Island. Shop Dropdown. * Special Mission: Decorations are rewards from Special Missions. Showing posts with label Botanic Garden. function createSummaryAndThumb(pID){ autoArrows: true, if ( options ) { $('